Dayso 4 - 8 - Washed Away and Cakes

Day 4

So this has been a very trying day. I had 3 kids worth of activities I had to deal with and throw in a couple bonus kid activities that all fall at the same time and then cupcake #3 goes and throws a huge wrench in the works. Needless to say not much time to create. I still got in 2 hrs so I started this and hope to finish it tomorrow but have decided to take cupcake #3 to the child and youth mental health intake drop in tomorrow so maybe not. We will see.

Day 5

Messed up

Day 6

I didn't any pictures but I made 3 cakes for my little guys school carnival cake walk.

Day 7

Worked on the painting but didn't photograph because I was so frustrated. Bad day!

Day 8

Finally finished but I must say the water was very difficult. I'm pretty happy with the outcome.


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